The power of search

You might all be very familiar with what search engines are. You might be doing search engines in your everyday life. Say, for example, you might be using Google, YouTube, Amazon, and a set of different search engines in your life. We’ll talk about some of these search engines, and specifically, we will be focusing on Google.

Think about it. You wanted a new mobile phone. You might be going to google and try to search for mobile phones or specific product types, or models of mobile phones or, likewise, you might be going to Amazon and searching for a mobile phone, for any product that you want.

Search engines become extremely important, extremely relevant in the digital marketing ecosystem or the digital marketing space.

Now, when you go to Google, for example, or when you go to any search engine, let’s take the example of Google here. When you are going to give a search term or a keyword, you are getting a result page, which is generally known as the search engine result page, SERP.

That’s the power of search!!!!!!!

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