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Do you face challenge in communication at the workplace. So here's the place where you can learn how to maintain effective communication skills providing the tips and tricks.

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A budding retail professional and self-motivated person who changed his journey into digital marketing. His expertise is in marketing, communication, economics, branding and merchandising would make him successful in his career and paved his footsteps into the building blocks of success.

During his entire journey , he learnt how to maintain effective communication, how to use non verbal signs and which type of handshakes are common at the workplace 

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communication globe

This can be the short description about the tips of how to do effective communication in order to improve the skills in an effective and efficient manner


This can be the short description about the types of handshakes used when you are going to greet your colleagues at the workplace 

body language

This can be the short description about the forms of body language through which you can communicate to others in the form of non verbal signs like gestures, postures, eye contact, facial expressions etc.

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