Is Upcycling a secret ingredient in sustainable fashion?

What do you do with your worn-out clothes?

I’m pretty sure it’s either thrown in the trash or donated.

But it ultimately goes to the landfills!

Why can’t a defect become an effect?

The fashion industry is quite known for its massive waste problem; this big business is of the largest polluters globally. According to sources, nearly 3/5 of all clothing ends up in landfills within a year of being produced.

With the pandemic, the issue of fashion waste is getting worsen day by day. The thrift industry is overwhelmed with the first-time surge in donations as a result of a “quarantine cleanout frenzy” due to the stay-at-home time during the lockdown period. Everybody has cleaned their wardrobe, and the number of clothes considered as discard is uncountable. Also, one more reason adds up that people have gained weight sitting at home and this might even lead to the discarding of clothes as they do not fit anymore. Here comes the cause of fabric pollution, because people discard them in the wrong way.

Fashion is something which is dynamic and the trend is going on when something comes to the market and becomes popular, right!!!!

So, when something is old you have to wear out and brand them into new pieces to make an aesthetic appeal.

If you want to know how upcycling works, you can refer to this article.

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