A foolproof guide to communication- The 4 best things since sliced bread

Communication is growing widely in recent times. And one must have the etiquette of how to interact with someone. That’s where it comes into action.

Now you might be fascinated to know that communication is not just about sharing feelings, thoughts, emotions and ideas.It’s much more than that. So, let’s jump in right away and learn little more about the same.


The key to any social dealings is communication. When you are interacting with others whatever it maybe your family members, colleagues, boss, or personal relationships, it is there. Because at some point in time, you are ready to share your thoughts. Like, any phenomenon that requires you to convince, entertain, inform, and educate the others by your own words is communication. But the term communication is quite vast, right? This is just endless as we hear the word “Communication” every now and then. The word itself includes everything straight away in your pathway of making you successful if you follow the techniques of how to communicate effectively.

Communication at the workplace

Before proceeding further, let me ask you one question:- “What did you see in the above picture”. I know it is quite simple to answer because pictorial representation makes your visualization stronger. The picture shows ” The presenter interacts with the audience by telling the agenda of the meeting”.

Going forward, lets read the sub-contents which acts as a building blocks of communication in today’s generation

A framework of communication blocks

Forms of communication

Talking about the forms of communication, there are many of them. So, without wasting your time, its time to go into it and learn the core aspects of it. Sky is not the limit when it comes to the various forms of communication.

1) Verbal communication:- It is like oral communication. It occurs when we are supposed to interact with others by speaking.

Some of the well-known examples of this type of communication are:-

  • Face-to-Face
  • Telephonic
  • As it’s pandemic time! and everyone is working in their homes. So how do they take up the meetings?Well it’s none other than those zoom calls that comes to their rescue

Meanwhile, it is not just confined with the words, I think you might wonder. But it is how you choose the complexity and caliber of the words to make it a bit more astonishing in order to create a positive impression among the readers. Your pitch, tone, cadence, modulation plays a crucial role when you are speaking and delivering a message to your target audience.

2) Non-Verbal Communication:- Now, here comes the most crucial part where most of the folks were facing problems while communicating with others through non-verbal means. You are thinking about what is “Non-verbal means”. It is simply communicating without words. Yeah! it is. Because what matters is not related to what you speak in front of your target audience, but it gives clarity and a powerful impression if you just focus on your body language while delivering a message to someone.

I give you one situation to understand this better. Suppose your boss gives you a chance to present yourself in front of the huge audience. and you are surprised to know that the deadline is tomorrow. So ultimately you have to practice how to speak, what to deliver, what kind of expressions you use in order to engage the audience, and connect them till the end. This is called body language. When you use your facial expressions and adding some masala into the whole message what you are going to deliver, it creates a positive impression among the audience and they never feel bored with your presentation.

  • Your gestures
  • Your postures
  • Your facial expressions
  • Eye contact
  • Handshakes

I will try to cover the body language in my upcoming blogs. You can read from here 

3) Written communication:- Whether it is an email, post, memo, report writing, a void contract, written communication is an important medium for this. In fact, you might know that all forms of written communication are having the same goals to disseminate the information in a more enthusiastic way, but this form of communication is not widely used in the case of a large audience. You know very well that writing skills are important and it makes your learning even better as it is easy to recall the concepts when you are supposed to learn while writing. In fact, poor writing often leads to confusion, embarrassment, and tends to legal jeopardy.

Pro tip:- You need to remember two things; First thing you must remember is that Write well so that your audience must be engaged, as you know poorly constructed sentences make a bad impression, and the second thing you must ensure is the Content of the message , it must be structured in order to promote or to be associated for a long term.

4) Listening:- You might aware that Communication is a two- way process as one person speaks and the other listens. But the one who listens and responds is an art. That’s what experts say listening is an art. The only way to improve your communication is to listen accurately to what the speaker conveys to you.  Trust me. if there is only one communication area where you want to improve it and master in it, then I would probably suggest, listening is it. Because most people say my communication is not up to the mark, I can’t speak!!! The problem is not with speaking, but you are not listening properly.

Pro tip:- Listening makes your thought process effective, you can build trust when you listen properly. Even you can inspire people also when you understand their message well and then respond to attain clarity and due credibility.

 Here’s the video of “How listening comes into action”

Communication barriers

Before I move further, let me tell you the basic problems which people face today are communication barriers. Now, you might wonder and excited to know what is that ??? Well, any miscommunication which hampers the communication process. Now the problem is, the process goes on but there seems to be disturbance which breaks the mutual understanding between the two. That is due to the following reasons:-

  • The use of jargons
  • Lack of attention 
  • Improper structure of the message
  • Distraction
  • Differences in perception
  • Fault transmission in decoding
  • Echo 
  • Linguistic differences 

If you really want to get some tips and tricks on how to overcome the barriers, you can follow me or you can visit my page .So, coming to the last part:-

How to maintain effective communication(Growing tips)

  1. The message you communicated must be clear in the minds of the sender
  2. Before communicating the entire message, it is advisable to involve others in seeking enhancement
  3. You should be aware of languages, tone, and content of the message
  4. Feedback indicates the effectiveness of the whole process.
  5. Be a good listener as it improves your comprehension power and your thought process becomes effective.


As human beings, it is advisable to express and understand the emotions, feelings, opinions of others. Human civilizations have fallen as well risen based upon how they are able to maintain sound relations with the others. Communication is therefore an indeed lubricative heart chamber that makes the machinery of the human relations function smoothly like the same heart pumps blood in your body parts. Therefore, the importance of communication in your daily life should not be underestimated. You also know that most professional, personal, and social conflicts can be solved by clearing out the problems, right!!!!

So, it is better to identify and avoid the barriers in order to improve the mutual understandings between each other to live your entire life happily and people across you.

So, let’s improve your communication by understanding each other emotions, opinions, feelings, and appreciate them to make your surroundings fruitful.

For effective communication :- style, grooming, entertainment and dressing style (fashion is important).

So if you want the articles on these things , you can check out this multi-blogger


Stay tuned for my upcoming communication tips.

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