The story of marketing- Bread and Butter

Imagine you have a very good product that solves many problems faced by your customer and your product magically solves all those problems this makes your customers feel crazy about the product and your sales reach the sky.

But wait this happens only when people know you have a solution for their problems.

What if you have made an epic solution for people but you completed it and made it secret in your office this doesn’t make sense

And people will never know without marketing that product and all those efforts that your team has kept in making such a great solution will be wasted which shouldn’t happen

So what you should be doing

one should market your product to reach the market and solve the problems of people

But how can you do that and what exactly is marketing

Marketing is all about reaching a person at the right time with the right product and these 3 rights play a very very crucial role

What if you sell market hot beverages in a dessert are will you get a good amount of leads obviously no and what if you sell chilled cool drinks in hilly areas again you will get the leads most of the times

So all you need is to target the right people at the right time with tight products and nurture them get into your funnel

You have to carefully follow the tactics behind it.

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