An era of digital marketing 2020

Marketing is when we apply to pull strategy in the real world, you know, something that we can touch or has a complete physical presence. Examples here could be billboards, newspaper ads, radio ads, etc.

To understand what happens in digital marketing we have to first know what is digital space. Any medium which uses the internet can be termed as digital like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and all such platforms. Marketing done in any such platforms are termed as digital marketing. Now you get an idea of things are different? Roughly yes? That will do for now 😛

Google is one of the search engines. The meaning of a search engine is nothing but an engine that answers us with the most relevant information. That is exactly what Google does, right?

Don’t you think?

Google answers our questions with the most accurate information available. This information is fed into google by people like you and me.

What exactly do we mean by feeding Google or any Search Engine?

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